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Our beginnings

Sistemas Radiantes F. Moyano was first set up in 1960 as a pioneer company in the Spanish radiofrequency sector. We are now the leading manufacturer of radiant systems, and have deployed the most important radio, television and mobile telephony networks in Spain and in many overseas countries.

Moyano designs, manufactures and installs the masts that support these antennas, in addition to manufacturing the first and most emblematic MW masts, braces and pylons in Spain.

The 1950s

Moyano designs, manufactures and installs the first radiant MW masts and braces in Spain, such as the masts of La Voz de Madrid (90m), and Radio Sevilla, the Cadena SER mast (100m) or the Radio Castellón mast, and the Cadena SER mast (85m). Moyano is also the first company to manufacture and install RS for FM and BIII radio stations in Spain.

The 1960s

Moyano continues to manufacture and install RS for radio stations through the deployment of FM and BIII stations in Spain. In 1965: the company supplied and installed vertical polarisation BI and FM radiant systems in el Gamoniteiro, in Asturias. It has its own developments through special distributors with a very low ROE.

Moyano is the leading company in the development and manufacture of electro-welded pylons without screws in Spain. Since it was first set up, Moyano has developed and installed equipment in singular locations.

The 1970s

Manufacture and installation of a large number of radiant masts and construction of pylons for telecommunications support. Moyano executes special short-wave antennas projects. Manufacture of the first MY-TQ and MY-4DC panels for large-scale radio diffusion mechanisms. Pioneers in the use of circular polarisation for FM. MY-Heliax antenna.

The 1980s

Moyano builds the largest-known AM diplexer ever developed, manufactured and installed in Spain. The largest array of antennas installed in Spain at that time. The largest FM diplexer in Spain.

The 1990s

At the beginning of the 1990s, the company began to branch into mobile telephony, coinciding with the start-up of the first mobile phone operators in Spain. In 1995, with the first GSM licence in Spain, MOYANO started to design and manufacture antennas for mobile telephony. In view of the growing concern for the environment and the commencing of a new aesthetic look in cities and rural areas, in about 1995 Moyano developed a new product (Mimetisations) for antennas and structures.

MOYANO is consolidated as the main designer, manufacturer and installer of MW masts in Spain. Work is carried out on the radiant mast of 170m for the Spanish Olympic Committee. And also the 95m radiant mast for El Abalario-Huelva.

In May 2000 we installed MOYANO’s tallest-ever MW mast: 197m. Villanueva del Pardillo. MOYANO is the most important Spanish manufacturer of passive MW equipment, and diplexers, charges of up to 500Kw, bridge converters, coupling units, etc. Exclusive provider of RS and diplexers for DAB deployment on a national scale. Provider of DAB diplexers for 26 broadcasting centres in the whole of Spain: Collserola, Alpicat, La Musara, Montecaro, etc...

Large deployment of radomes for the mimetisation of

Tecnogarden antennas. Real Madrid Sports City. Great impact in the international Metal Structure market.

In international markets, the company has supplied multiple masts, including:
  • The supply and installation of a self-stabilising latticework mast with a height of 25m in Burkina Faso
  • The supply and installation of self-stabilising masts of 15, 40 and 60m in El Cairo (Egypt)
  • Braced masts of 60m in Melo, 120m in Rocha and 150m in Colonia (Uruguay)
  • Self-stabilising mast of 15m in Southampton (UK)
  • Self-stabilising mast of 12m in Houston, Texas (USA)
  • Self-stabilising masts of 30 and 40m in Morocco
  • Self-stabilising masts of 30 and 40m in Morocco
21st century Construction of the first trisector antenna with a benched or wall-mounted mast in Spain

The new product consists of a trisector antenna on a mast support with a low impact on the environment.

With the growing evolution of the practising of golf and the building of new golf courses in Spain, Moyano offers comprehensive solutions for protecting areas near golf courses. We are committed to installing support structures for networks that blend into the environment.

Our experience of 50 years in the supporting structures, electrical and telecommunications markets has led us to penetrate the renewable energy sector, through the construction of photovoltaic solar panels on rooftops and on the ground.

In order to continue innovating, Moyano has developed an anti-ice system for use on satellite dishes, that guarantees the operation of the links in extreme weather conditions.

Moyano has radio solutions for extending coverage to areas with there is poor reception. We offer a safe, alternative, economical solution for two-way radio in buildings, tunnels or remote rural areas.

Featured News
04 July 2016.
Moyano has been awarded the project of the National Society of Radio and Television of Morocco No. 20 / SNRT / 2016 consisting on changing braces, tensors and accessories in 2 towers on the telecommunications towers of the Moroccan state
04 July 2016.
Singular tower with a special design to support radar and surveillance cameras.
01 July 2015.
12 February 2015.
20 July 2012.
Our Services

In the last years we have diversified our lines of business, which allows us to be present on different markets with great success.


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