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À propos de MOYANO

MOYANO was the first Spanish company to manufacture radiant systems, and has participated in the deployment of many important Radio, Television and Mobile Telephony networks in more than 20 countries.

In 2000, MOYANO was purchased by the ACS Group, the leading construction and services group in Spain and the third most important in Europe. Moyano belongs to the industrial division of Sice Tecnología y Sistemas.

During recent years, MOYANO has multiplied its business volume as a result of its international business expansion and its diversification, which has allowed it to be present in the following sectors.
  • Radio and Television: the design, manufacture and installation of radiant systems and masts for supporting antennas.
  • Radio and Television: Mobile telephony: the design, manufacture and installation of antennas, masts and mimetisation
  • Enclosures for sports complexes: the manufacture and installation of protective structures and netting for application in golf courses, sports facilities, roads, etc.
  • Photovoltaic Solar Energy: the execution of turn-key projects.
  • Other telecommunications services such as the supply and installation of heating blankets for satellite dishes installed in mountainous areas, and the calculation, design and installation of signal coverage inside tunnels, etc.
  • Our products are currently marketed in more than 20 countries
En vedette Actualité
04 Juillet 2016.
Moyano a été attribué au projet de la Société Nationale de Radio et Télévision du Maroc n ° 20 / SNRT / 2016 consistant évolution des accolades et des tensions et des changements d`accessoires en 2 tours réseau de tours de télécommunications de l`Etat marocain.
04 Juillet 2016.
Tour singulier avec un design spécial pour soutenir radar et des caméras de surveillance.
01 Juillet 2015.
20 Juillet 2012.
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Dans les dernières années nous avons diversifié nos branches d’activité touchant à des nouveaux marchés avec succès.


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